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Let's design your forever kitchen

Most people buy a kitchen from a salesperson posing as a designer. They often feel pressured into buying and rarely get a well designed kitchen. We don’t have salespeople, only a qualified furniture designer with twenty years experience and a proven track record.

To create an amazing new kitchen you need skilled professionals, focused on your home.

  • Qualified designer with proven track record
  • Honest pricing without any hidden "extras"
  • Friendly, relaxed and enjoyable experience
  • The most comprehensive design process
  • Multiple design concepts
  • Full room design schemes
  • Open plan room design and functional zoning
  • Collaboration with architects and builders
  • Skilled installation
  • Coordination of trades people
  • Full project management
  • Outstanding customer service

Our clients want more than most kitchen retailers can offer.

Introducing Jo Buckerfield

Your Kitchen Design Specialist

Jo Buckerfield qualified kitchen designer

Jo Buckerfield: Your Kitchen design specialist

Jo Buckerfield is the founder and visionary behind Your Space Living and she's a rare find in the kitchen industry. Firstly, she's the only graduate from Kingston University's prestigious Product and Furniture Design BA designing kitchens in South Wales. This makes her one of the most qualified designers around. With so many unqualified sales reps playing the role of kitchen designer, Jo makes a refreshing alternative.

But it doesn't end there. Experience is key and, after graduation in 2000, Jo went on to build a portfolio of excellence for more than a decade. As a lead designer at one of London's premier furniture companies, she worked on a variety of truly bespoke projects, from distinguished home studies and bedrooms to stunning kitchens. This is valuable experience that you won't find anywhere else in South Wales. Working with Jo gives you access to all of her priceless experience. She’s tackled every issue that might arise on a typical kitchen renovation and aways delivers a superb finish. Jo’s work ethic, attention to detail and commitment will keep you relaxed and confident, knowing you’re in safe hands.

Bethan and Gideon

Creating a happy kitchen

New kitchen testimonial

"It was just a completely stress free experience."

  •  Solid Oak kitchen Cardiff

    Solid Oak kitchen Cardiff

  •  Farmhouse kitchen Cardiff

    Farmhouse kitchen Cardiff

  •  Beautiful Cardiff kitchen

    Beautiful Cardiff kitchen

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Great kitchens aren’t designed in showrooms

When it comes to design, you need the right environment. Showrooms are designed by corporate headquarters with one purpose, to sell kitchens. Jo has created her own boutique studio to cater for your design needs. Our clients’ amazing kitchens and interiors all began their design journey here. An intimate, homely space where you get personal design time with one of the best around.

  • Inspirational kitchen displays
  • 100’s of samples to contrast and compare
  • State of the art 3D Visualisation
  • A pressure free environment

A kitchen design studio born out of adversity

Llantwit Major kitchen design studio

A purpose build design studio in Llantwit Major.

2012 was a difficult year. The global financial collapse was in full effect and, when Jo Buckerfield’s former employer closed his kitchen retail business, Jo's clients were left high and dry. Their deposits were gone and kitchen orders cancelled. It was a desperate time for everyone involved. When all seemed lost, Jo stepped up to the plate and saved the day.

Jo renegotiated with suppliers and pulled together a full team of skilled tradespeople. The kitchen projects that appeared lost were completed without any additional cost to the clients. Jo took control of every aspect, eliminating the stress from devastated families. She worked day and night until the kitchens were completed and her clients were happy. Pulling back from the brink, with a major disaster averted, Jo suddenly found herself holding the reigns of a fledgling company, wondering what to do next. She had the backing of world class suppliers, a team of highly skilled kitchen fitters and a small list of grateful clients keen to see her carry on...

... and that's exactly what she did.

Jo founded Your Space Living with a passion to do what's right. From her purpose build design studio in Llantwit Major, Jo continues to stand along side her clients. As well as offering great design and outstanding products, she guides her clients all the way through their new kitchen project from the spark of an idea to the final polish. She helps people make informed decisions, save money and achieve outstanding results, holding their hands every step of the way.

Your Space Living is a family run business for people who want to make the most of their home. They want the best design possible, along with quality kitchen furniture, great appliances and beautiful decor. All installed and fitted by experts with minimum disruption.

High quality kitchens that offer the best value for money

The chances are you’ll only buy a new kitchen once in a lifetime and you want that kitchen to look amazing and last for years. That can only be achieved when you combine great design with quality products and components. Our kitchens are made to order by class leading manufacturers from the UK and Europe. Traditional, classic or contemporary, you can rest assured that your beautiful kitchen will be built to the highest specification.

Working within your budget

There are limits to how much you’ll pay for a dream kitchen. You have a budget to stick to and we recognise the need for affordability. With that in mind, we have a range of kitchens that fall into different price categories. What ever you need, whatever your budget, we have you covered.

Quality kitchens cardiff

We guide you through every stage of the process. Helping you make the right decisions.

Internationally recognised brands

We only work with industry leading brands. Manufacturers like Pronorm, Kitchen Stori and Cosentino make superb products that are loved around the world. We work exclusively with these brands because of their global reputation for excellence. When you renovate your kitchen, you need to know you have the backing of a serious company who values their reputation. Our kitchens are guaranteed and, along with our partners, we provide all the support you could ever wish for.

Pronorm kitchens
Kitchen Stori
Llantwit Major kitchen design studio

"Jo would only allow things to happen in my house that she would allow to happen in her house."

Expert installation that’s fully managed every step of the way

Jo wouldn’t allow anyone to work in your house that she wouldn’t allow in her own. We work with trusted professionals that have been with us for years. The skills displayed by our team are second to none. We want you to have the best possible experience from the initial design to the finished kitchen.

Beautifully designed kitchens can be ruined by a poor installation. If you choose to work with our recommended installation team, everything is meticulously managed so that you know what’s going on and when. We coordinate our work sensibly to ensure that a logical system is in place. Our team of experts are focused on achieving a great finish resulting in a kitchen you can be proud of.

Our commitment to you

You need someone who understands your needs

Successful kitchen designs can only happen when the designer takes the time to listen to their client's needs. But that doesn't happen in kitchen showrooms that prioritise sales targets. We have set up the Your Space Living in a way that gives our clients the time they need before any commitment is made. Jo doesn't have a sales manager breathing down her neck. There's no pressure on you to buy. Jo has the time to listen to her clients in a relaxed environment. Our design studio in Llantwit Major has been built from the ground up to cater for kitchen buyers looking for a stunning kitchen and the ultimate design experience.

You need someone commited to your project

Finding a designer that will stand by your side throughout your kitchen renovation project is incredibly rare. With most kitchen retailers, once the design is done and the deposit is down, your designer will move on and you'll be passed onto someone else. We do things differently. Jo project manages all of her kitchen installations herself. That means you'll have one person helping you all the way. Jo will be as committed to the design as you are and she'll make sure the finished room meets her own exacting standards.

You need someone who values thier own repuation

Good reputations take years to build and seconds to break. Jo has spent twenty years building a reputation for excellence. Our clients have high expectations and work closely with us throughout their renovation project. They see first hand the skills we provide, how hard we work and how committed we are to every detail. As a result, when their friends want a new kitchen, they look to us for support.

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3A Commercial Street
Llantwit Major
Vale of Glamorgan
CF61 1RB
01446 796731   07989 741631

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 4pm
Tuesday 10am - 4pm
Wednesday 10am - 4pm
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Company reg number: 8114248
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