15 Exciting colours for your home

15 Exciting colours for your home

For me, a house is so much more than just bricks and mortar. I can see the beauty in the darkest and most neglected of houses, and it’s such an amazing feeling to then unleash that building’s potential. I’ve yet to ‘meet’ a building that can’t be made beautiful.

A lot of it has to do with design, architecture and the right furniture. But a great deal has to do with colour, too. If a total design revamp isn’t on the cards, then experimenting colour is the way to go. It can add light to a dark building, and energy to a dull, uninspiring room.

And there has never been a better time to have fun with colour (you can always paint over a wall, after all) as paint manufacturers introduce a raft of new and exciting hues and textures.

Meet the colour gurus

My feeling is that it’s important to surround yourself with the things you love, and that includes colour. Sure, it has to also work with the space you’ve got, but if you love hot pink or lime, then go for it.

In terms of trends and style for the coming seasons, look to The Pantone Colour Institute for inspiration. This company is the global colour authority across design industries. So whether you’re a designer for Chanel, an editor for the top interior’s glossy, or are creating a new line of paint or an interior designer like me, chances are Pantone’s colour charts and swatches have a key place on your desk.

The Institute works seasons in advance, predicting future colour directions and studying how colour influences thought processes, emotions and works with our environment. So it’s not just about how well a particular colour goes with your furniture (or your shoes if you’re a fashion maven!), it’s about how that colour makes you feel. Here are just a few of the new colours set to make our lives brighter for the season to come…

Pantone fashion colour report spring 2015

Pantone fashion colour report spring 2015

Aquamarine - (Pantone 14-4313)

Pantone aquamarine

This clean and fresh tone is more green than blue, but brighter than a classic teal. If you love tropical oceans and Tiffany boxes, this colour will definitely appeal. A surprisingly versatile colour, try contrasting aquamarine with creamier undertones.

Scuba dive - (Pantone 16-4725)

Pantone scuba blue

Diving deeper into oceanic hues, this is a deeper, denser blue, reminiscent of deep, mysterious seas. Team with coconut or sand colours, for a cool summery contrast. Perfect for rooms with lots of natural sunlight. If you have a large bathroom with lots of light, this would look amazing on the walls, working well with vintage, porcelain bathroom furniture.

Treetop - (Pantone 18-0135)

Pantone treetop

The focus is on organic greens, with jungle, vegetal and forest greens grow stronger, emerging as a key colour direction for 2015. The palette takes inspiration from deep, saturated pine, sage and evergreen tree tones, which are used in modern monochrome designs. A matte finish works well with wood or veined stone for linear furniture. A soothing colour for study, or reading room, with light coloured wood furniture.

Bevelled Glass - (Pantone 14-5714)

Pantone bevelled glass

This season, designers are experimenting with depth, texture and iridescence, colours inspired by different texture of glass. This has a glossy, glass like quality. Work the theme to the next level with retro bevelled glass mirrors and lots of glass surfaces.

Classic Blue - (Pantone 19-4052)

Pantone classic blue

This is a rich, indigo Mediterranean blue, rich and evocative of the bluest of blue skies. This sumptuous colour looks amazing teamed with bright white, grey or pink. Take inspiration from your favourite denims, for a fresh and casual take on decorating. Ralph Lauren has created a collection of denim inspired paints, from deep and saturated to faded, washed-out hues.

Toasted Almond - (Pantone 14-1213)

Pantone toasted almond

Beige, whether yellow- or dove-tinted, is the perfect hue to bring a soft yet refined warmth to designs and installations, as in Dawn Ng's poetic A Thing of Beauty. This is a really soothing colour, and the perfect way to add light and warmth to a small, dark room.

Strawberry Ice - (Pantone 16-1720)

Pantone strawberry ice

From delicious and ice-creamy, to elegant and more grown-up. Shades of dusty pink are set to be a key trend this season, with designers using textured plaster to create rough, grainy surfaces in shades of pale pink. Accessorise your walls with glazed earthenware and reclaimed wood furniture.

Tangerine - (Pantone 15-1247)

Pantone tangerine

Uplifting and energetic, citrus colours are making a comeback this season thanks to designers’ obsession with al things Sixties, from fashion to décor. Keep it minimal and use to accent an otherwise minimalist room.

Custard - (Pantone 13-0720)

Pantone custard

Rich custard with a juicy hint of mango, this is quite a tropical colour that also has a softness to it that twill give a room a homely touch.

Marsala - (Pantone 18-1438)

Pantone marsala

Referencing the 1970s, fiery tones of orange, this is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2015. Creates a vibrant, spicy ambience. This family of tones, from Marsala to burnt orange and clay, work indoors as well as outdoors.

Glacier Grey - (Pantone 14-4102)

Pantone glacier grey

Glaciers aren’t just tone colour, they’re dozens, as light moves and shifts through the ice. Pale, blanched pastels combine with moody and tinted greys for an ethereal palette. Gold moss, ice blue and canyon rose bring a stronger touch, while iridescent lilac, whitened copper and metallic brown add a discreet warm shine.

Lavender Herb - (Pantone 16-3310)

Pantone lavender herb

Candy hues for walls, floors and upholstery with a gentle, pearlescent quality, from subtle tonal shifts to full-spectrum pastel effects. At recent shows, tiles and wall claddings were presented in both full-shine and natural matte options; while fabrics were infused with lavender glitter weaves for a shimmery look and feel. A gorgeous bedroom colour.

Titanium - (Pantone 17-4014)

Pantone titanium

This season, cool greys are used into soothing tone-on-tone all-over designs, while metallic, iridescent tones are appearing across diverse areas, from interior walls and floors to furniture, lighting, accessories and architecture. Surfaces range from dry and gritty to matte, subtle sheens and high-shine mirror gloss. If you want a minimalist, pared down look and feel, this is the colour for you.

Gold - (Pantone 4515 C)

Pantone gold

From gleaming Baroque inspired furniture to gold taps in the bathroom, this decadent colour is becoming increasingly present in the kitchen as a way to add style to this mostly functional room. If you can afford a gold plated sink, we’re envious! Otherwise, discreet gold detailing gives opulence to cabinets, worktops or appliances. Looks especially dramatic against pure white.

Radiant Orchid - (Pantone 18-3224)

Pantone radiant orchid

This was Pantone’s colour of the year for 2014, but it’s still one of the key season for now. Inspired by purple blooms at Chelsea Flower Show, this is a rich, velvety colour that’s deep, sumptuous and luxurious. It’s a brave choice, and dramatic. Definitely a ‘wow’ colour, so why not go for it by teaming with gilded mirrors and red velvet soft furnishings.

Do remember
While trends are fun to follow and look at, the main thing is to surround yourself with colours you love. Our main purpose is to make sure that everything we do reflects not just our expertise, but your personality too. We’re not about creating a showroom, we’re about making your space feel like home; a place that works with you, and reflects your personality and your lifestyle – and if that means lashings of tangerine and lots of forest green, then so be it.

Creating a dream space is a collaborative journey, and an adventure. And with adventures, I think brighter is always better!

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