5 Key Kitchen Trends for 2015

5 Key Kitchen Trends for 2015

Whether you are a trendsetter or more into wanting your own personal style, 2015 kitchens are all about functionality and creating a space that truly reflects ‘The Heart of the Home’. This year’s trends combine the traditional with modern practicalities and technologies. 2015 kitchens are not about following a certain style but creating a design full of self-expression and personal touches.


Kitchens are one of your homes most tactile spaces. Just think about when you see a new kitchen worktop, your natural reaction is to touch it. Textures are a wonderful way of brining your personality alive. Whether it is through sculptured tiles, raw materials, luxurious accessories, your kitchen is a space that should be designed to be touched.


Industrial style lighting is one key trend that has exploded across both residential and commercial markets. New cafes and restaurants love the look and it works perfectly in all styles of kitchen. Industrial lighting comes in a multitude of forms from steel, wire caging, old-fashioned filament style light bulbs to lights made from up-cycled industrial hardware. Whatever style you choose, Industrial lighting will certainly light up your culinary creations.

Brass is back

Metallics have played a huge part in interior design over the last couple of years. The resurgence of copper transformed into our new kindled love for gold, now in 2015 we have moved onto brass. Historically brass has been commonplace within our kitchens but as trends come and go, so did our use of brass. Now brass is the metal of the season. Transform your kitchen into an elegant space by simply adding a few brass accents such as pendants, knobs and handles.

Get Smart

Technology is constantly evolving and it is often hard to keep up to date. Kitchen appliances are coming ever more green, and not only saving us a penny or two but also being kinder to our environment. It it’s not just efficiency that is making our kitchens smarter. Home automation is more accessible than ever before, now you can make your morning cuppa from your smart phone or tablet whilst you hit the snooze button.

Splash of colour

If you are re-designing your kitchen don’t forget to add some colour. Dark rich colours in the form of feature walls or tiles can create a dramatic look. Soft lights will add glamour whilst wallpaper can transform your spaces into something truly amazing. Photographic murals whether on tiles or wallpaper will create a look that is completely distinctive and is one of the key trends for 2015. A statement such as this is not for the faint hearted, but a 2015 kitchen is about being brave and designing a space that is simply, just you!!

No matter your style, at Your Space Living, we will add those personal touches to ensure that your kitchen design will be on trend today as well as for the years yet to come.

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