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5 Schuller Kitchens by Your Space Living in Cardiff South Wales

Schuller kitchens are renowned for quality and style. Part of their official slogan is that they are "probably the best kitchens in the world". I wouldn't argue with that and my clients are certainly delighted with the stunning kitchens that work beautifully in their homes.

It's important to remember that lifestyles have changed dramatically over the last twenty years. The homes we live in have become an opportunity to make a statement and put our own stamp on things. This helps to put us in a state of harmony with the surroundings and that is important to our wellbeing. I meet people every day who want a luxurious sanctuary to enjoy in the company of those they love. The modern kitchen is now an intrinsic part of the home. It's no longer a room where you go to cook up a meal. It's now a social space where the family come together to share the important things in life.

Open plan is the way to go

Schuller understand this and design kitchens that work perfectly in the new world of open plan living. There is no end to the design combinations that are available with a Schuller kitchen. The multiple cabinet sizes, colours, textures and finishes give a creative kitchen designer every opportunity to deliver a kitchen that's as beautiful as it is functional.

I've been designing and installing Schuller kitchens for around ten years now and they just keep getting better and better. The many years I've spent working with Schuller has allowed me to develop a real understanding of the furniture. This enables me to create the very best kitchens for my clients.

It was hard to select just five examples for this blog post, because there have been so many over the years. So I've decided to show you a small number from the Cardiff area that will inspire you in your own kitchen journey. I don't want to overwhelm you with a long list of images but if you are looking for more kitchen examples, why not head over to my online portfolio once you've read this post.

Schuller Kitchen Example 1

Schuller kitchen in Lava Black with white Corian worktops

Mr and Mrs Matthews of St Donats embarked on a full house renovation with the dream of transforming their dated property into a stunning executive home with amazing views over the Bristol Channel. That dream was fully realised and they now have a five bedroom house that I would personally love to live in.

Schuller kitchen installation pictures in South Wales

I was so grateful to Mrs Matthews for recognising my passion to help her. Her validation of my skills was very rewarding and she allowed me to advise her on all kinds of design aspects throughout the whole house. The Schuller kitchen chosen by Mrs Matthews is from the X2 range. This is the handless range that's proving to be extremely popular. The "X2" is a taller unit at 78cm and was the ideal height for Mr and Mrs Matthews. The Lava Black units around the outside contrast beautifully with the white Corian worktop and white island units. The bespoke glass splash back in red adds a hint of colour and warmth, which is just enough to make this contemporary kitchen a real stunner.

Schuller Kitchen Example 2

Schuller kitchen in white with Petrol Blue

Mr and Mrs Chorley of Newport were part way through their rear extension project when they met with me to discuss their plans for the new kitchen. They were both heavily interested in design and were keen to blend 60's chic with the latest in contemporary kitchen design. It was important that the kitchen made a statement without dominating the room. For that reason I chose to go for a contrasting pallet of white with Schuller's petrol blue, splashed with red and green using the open shelving system that makes this such a unique kitchen.

Schuller kitchen in Cardiff rear extension

Additional features include Schuller's panel storage system on the wall behind the hob. This is a great way to store the items you use constantly and want close to hand. The appliances are from Hotpoint LUCE and they complement this minimal style perfectly.

The central island with sink and breakfast bar offers practicality with functionality, whilst separating the kitchen space from the rest of the room. This living space needed to perform a variety of functions, from cooking and dining to relaxing and watching TV. This eclectic room works on so many levels and Mr and Mrs Chorley were delighted with the result.

Schuller Kitchen Example 3

open plan schuller kitchen in cardiff

Mr and Mrs Baines were going all in with their open plan living space. A new opening in the wall led to the living room, whilst the extension itself ran across the full width of the property. This project did present some challenges and I was not only designing the kitchen but also project managing the whole installation and coordinating the building process around the kitchen. The original chimney breast was interfering with the kitchen design but it was structural, so there wasn't much we could do about it. The solution was to build the kitchen units around the chimney, with the fridge freezer located to the right.

Schuller kitchen built into the wall in Cardiff

Again, I selected the Schuller X2 cabinet system in truffle brown, with a zenith white Dekton worktop for both the base units and the island. The decision to build around the chimney makes the whole kitchen look like it's a part of the structure of the room.

Special mention needs to be made to the lighting, which was part of my design brief. I separated the area into 'zones' and positioned the light fittings in a way that allowed me to create definition to certain areas of the space. The minimal lamp shades above the island complement the design perfectly, finishing off a simple but smart Schuller kitchen.

Schuller Kitchen Example 4

beautiful schuller kitchen in cardiff

For this project, I was commissioned to deliver a full ground floor refurbishment. That included ceramic floor tiles throughout, downstairs cloakroom, utility room and kitchen. This is the kind of project I love because it's a real opportunity to make a dramatic improvement to a home and a family's way of life.

poor kitchen design

Mr and Mrs Arnold had a kitchen installed by a well known Cardiff company only eight years before. Unfortunately, they were never happy with it and wanted to replace it with a more contemporary design as soon as they could. The fact that we came up with such a different solution highlights the problems that still exist in the kitchen industry. There are simply too many companies out there focused on selling cupboards. These companies don't put enough effort into design and don't spend enough time working with their clients to find out what they really want.

I approached this project differently. I wanted to create a loved kitchen that would last for years. No one should want or need to replace a kitchen after eight years and I understood Mr and Mrs Arnold's fury. I took the time to find a style they wanted and the result was poles apart from their previous kitchen.

Again we chose the X2 units. The handleless design was something Mrs Arnold was very keen on. She also wanted a light colour to give a greater feeling of space and things don't get much lighter than bright white. We then complemented the cabinets with a warm grey Corian worktop. In order to deliver clean lines, we needed to build a false wall to cover the soil pipe that was tucked into the corner of the room. With the false wall in place, we were able to flow the cabinets around the room. This wasn't a large space and Mrs Arnold didn't want any wall units. However, the false wall did allow for some clever shelving that added colour and style. This room required a few difficult design decisions but we worked together and came up with a kitchen that Mr and Mrs Arnold could finally be proud of.

The striking red glass splash back was chosen by Mrs Arnold to complement a sculpture in the dining room and acts as a visual link between the two spaces. For me it adds a strong statement for a couple who wanted a kitchen with clean lines and a minimal look that also delivered a WOW. Mission accomplished.

Schuller Kitchen example 5

compact schuller kitchen in cardiff

Mr and Mrs Greaney lived in a gorgeous penthouse apartment in Cardiff Bay. The views were wonderful but the kitchen left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, as with so many building companies, the cheapest, most impractical and poorly designed kitchen was installed in a very expensive property. It's just criminal to me that people are expected to pay top prices for new builds, only to be forced to accept cheap contract kitchens that are installed without any care or attention. But that's a whole other discussion. I was brought in by Mr and Mrs Greaney to give the room a much needed facelift and generate more storage space. The only complications to this project were that we had to install the new kitchen without moving or damaging the stone worktop and wall tiles. Not an easy task but my team of fitters performed a bit of magic and did an outstanding job.

cluttered kitchen

The handless system wasn't an option for this compact kitchen. Therefore, the C2 range was chosen in Belfort Oak (now discontinued) with Stone Grey wall cabinets. This is not only a fantastic cabinet, it is also great value. The C2 kitchen is very cost effective when compared to other kitchens on the high street but with all of the construction quality you'll only find with Schuller.

Due to the compact nature of the room, I included a few space saving features, such as a pullout table and taller wall units for extra storage.

Ultimately, Mr and Mrs Greaney moved house about a year after the installation for family reasons. As it turned out, the kitchen proved to be a huge factor in them getting a quick sale and achieving the full asking price. And to cap it all, they had me design and install a brand new Schuller kitchen in their new house in Richmond. Wins all round!

So there you go. Five beautiful kitchens by Schuller, designed and installed by Your Space Living, all within throwing distance of Cardiff. They are loved by their owners and loved by me. I'd like to know what you think of them, so drop me a line through this website and I can go through more of the great features that you'll only get from Schuller.

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