Designing kitchens for all shapes and sizes

Designing kitchens for all shapes and sizes

If your home shares the exact same dimensions as your local home depot showroom, then lucky you. You can simply pick out the designs you love the most and replicate tile for tile, handle for handle. No need to worry about quirkily sloped ceilings or awkward pipes. Just pick out, unpack, plonk down, and et voila.

Most of us, however, tend to fall in love with homes that are as individual as we are. Which means that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to interiors simply doesn’t work (the equivalent of trying to squeeze your size six foot into a size three heel, if you like).

Get to know your house

You can’t create a home without getting to know the house – nooks, crannies, annoying jutting out pipes and all.

And this is the brilliant thing about taking a made to measure approach to interiors. There’s something uncomfortable about a room that’s been shoehorned into a design that simply doesn’t suit it (there isn’t the interiors equivalent to Spanx, more’s the shame). But there is no better feeling than walking into a room you’ve taken the time to get to know and designed accordingly.

Marrying form, function and one’s design dreams is always challenging, but it’s an exciting process, too. Finding out what works, what doesn’t. Figuring your home’s likes and dislikes, as well as your own.

Anything is possible

Want to build a storage-rich kitchen in a room that’s all curves and no corners? Not a problem. We excel at finding tailor-made solutions no matter how quirky the room (and we do relish a challenge, here at YSL HQ). The process is great fun too, which is just one more reason why going bespoke is the way forward. The planning, the mood boards, the working out what fits, what doesn’t; figuring out why something looks wrong even though it fits like a glove… it’s all part of the journey.

It’s not a process that can be rushed, because it’s got to be 100 per cent right. Each room will be fully rendered using the latest 3D design package and we’ll create plans for you to take away too, so you can mull over, think about them, and make sure it feels as right as it looks.

Honestly, whether you’ve got a terraced house, a croft or a castle, we can make every room feel like it’s ‘ the one’.

traditional kitchen design with awkward ceiling beams

This traditional kitchen design example was designed and installed by Your Space Living in a Wimbledon Property in 2014. The extension was new and so the layout should have been relatively straight forward. Unfortunately, the configuration of the ceiling beams wasn’t made clear until long after the kitchen had been designed. We were able to make the required adjustments and the client was delighted with the result.

Here is another traditional kitchen example that, in theory offered a straight forward layout. However, take a look at the beautiful some feature wall. This required detailed scribing to the side panels of the wall and base units. This is the type of challenge the Your Space Living installation team take in their stride. The result? another very satisfied customer.

When this stunning cottage was built in the heart of Llanblethian, South Wales, spirit levels and plumb lines weren’t in regular use. This resulted in curved walls in every room. This affected the position of the units and how they would be cried into the walls. It also made fitting the Silestone splash backs a bit tricky. We got there in the end and love the way it looks.

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