Helping estate agents add more value

Helping estate agents add more value

The modern day estate agent has a lot to contend with. Not least of which is helping the prospective buyer visualise how a house could look after redecorating or renovating. In this article, I’ll outline how I can help secure a house sale by offering design input and visualisations to prospective buyers.

There are so many things that go through someone’s mind when they are viewing a home. They want to fall in love with the property and have that feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on. When I bought my own house, I was viewing with my heart, asking myself if the space would work for me and my lifestyle. It is during these moments that some of us start to wonder about the possibilities of adding value to the property. This might be through home upgrades, renovations or extensions. But are these dreams possible?

Estate agents in Cardiff could add more value

A local estate agent contacted me recently who specialises in the higher end of the market. He was with a buyer who had fallen in love the a property but the sticking point was the kitchen. He had expressed to the lady that there was potential but she couldn’t see it. He then asked if she would be interested in contracting our services to see the hidden potential rather than getting anxious about whether it was the right house or not.

She saw the value of investing in our services at this stage and asked me to attend a viewing with her. As I entered the poky kitchen I immediately saw huge potential. With a few simple changes and building a small extension on the back, the whole property could be transformed. Incorporating her ideas and needs, I put together a series of detailed plans, including a 3D version of the kitchen design which helped her visualise what the finished project would look like. Needless to say, after seeing the property through clearer eyes she bought it. I am due to start work on this kitchen installation soon and I can’t wait to see it all come together.

The estate agent was hugely grateful that everything worked. He made his sale but, more importantly, he delighted the buyer and his client. This new home will transform the buyer’s life, whilst the client get’s to move on to pastures new.

Jo Buckerfield transformed attic space into a flat

I work with a number of estate agents helping buyers visualise the homes they are interested in. It’s all about opening their eyes to the potential within the walls of their new home. It can mean the difference of an offer being made or the property dismissed. The majority of my work with estate agents is during the sales process and towards completion.

My services are all about creating the dream home. When an estate agent brings me on board, they add a whole new level of value to their offer. I bring them a real advantage and a service that guides and inspires their buyers, whilst filling the sellers with assurance of a swift sale. That inspiration and assurance isn’t forgotten quickly. Whilst many house sales end at completion, the memory of great service lasts for ever.

Recommendation is the life force of any business and I am grateful for the large number of wonderful testimonials I’ve been given. When the fantastic kitchen project is completed and the home owner is delighted, they are quick to point out that my introduction came through an estate agent who went the extra mile.

Whether it's designing a new bedroom, creating an elegant home office, crafting a cool living-room, or designing and project managing an extension or renovation. Our team believe in honest conversations, high quality workmanship and using only the best products and finishes. That attention to detail is reflected on the person who brought us together.

High quality clients expect a service that is more personal and attentive. We’ve design and managed projects in the homes of high profile professionals and celebrities. We know that confidentiality and discretion are essential, especially during a sensitive transaction like a house purchase. As a designer, I bring a completely different approach to a project. I understand the bespoke and detailed finish that clients demand. These clients are not looking for an “off the shelf” solution, they want something that has been carefully designed and perfectly executed.

There’s no doubt that my friends in the estate agent industry have benefited greatly from my help. They’ve been able to raise their level of service, add value and generate referrals. There’s simply no downside to bringing me in to help a prospective buyer visualise their dream home.

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