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Living Space ideas explained in our new video

I’ve only gone and done it. After weeks and weeks of pressure from my team, I have been convinced to stand in front of a camera to talk about Your Space Living and what makes the service I can offer so different to other companies. The thing is, my service IS different and I need all the communication tools at my disposal to explain what I’m all about.

What I try to make clear in the video is that I have a passion to back up my skills and experience. This is a rare thing today. Let’s take a new kitchen as an example. I meet so many people who first visit the ‘usual suspects’ for a new kitchen. You know the places. Usually located on ‘out of town’ shopping areas. People go to them because they think they will get good value and a decent product. They soon discover this isn’t the case. Firstly, the furniture isn’t that great. Secondly the design is average. Thirdly the service is minimal at best. That’s not good value in my book. It’s crazy really. The Usual Suspects could so easily turn that around. All they have to do is source better quality furniture, train their staff to the highest standards and bend over backwards to ensure people get a fantastic experience when they buy a kitchen. It’s such a simple formula, so why do all the people I meet tell me such horror stories? Well, in my humble opinion, it’s all about passion and they just don’t have any. They are focussed on the bottom line and in the process, take their eye off the customer. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and I’ll always put my customer first. That’s my simple formula.

Making this video was a very daunting experience. I am not a natural performer and there were many, many out takes, none of them funny! The video was filmed at the top of the cliffs at Llantwit Major beach whilst the sun was out yesterday. I did feel like pushing the cameraman over the edge as he yelled for the fifteenth time “go again and follow your script!”

But we got there in the end and I think it is a great first effort at a promotional video for Your Space Living. Hopefully, now that I am a bit more confident, we will make some more in the future. In the mean time, please feel free to watch the video on You Tube.

If you need a few living space ideas, contact me and enjoy some genuine customer care.

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