NEFF Appliances Cashback Offer

Between October 2020 and January 2021, NEFF appliances are offering a cash back deal of up to £1400. As always with these offers, there are a number of qualifying conditions and, in this post, I’ll attempt to explain them.

NEFF appliances CASHBACK offer

When is a kitchen offer genuine?

Despite all the adds you see claiming 50% off or free appliances, genuine kitchen discounts and offers are few and far between. One way to tell if an offer is real is to make sure it’s backed by the manufacturer and available nationwide, through independent retailers. This promotion has been created by NEFF and made available to any trade partner, such as ourselves, who wish to take part.

Let’s get into the details. This is a “cash back” offer that tops out at £1400 and comes as part of a full kitchen purchase from one single retailer. That means you can’t go to one place for the appliances and somewhere else for the kitchen cabinets. In order to qualify, you have to go to one place. Having said that, there are hundreds of NEFF Trade Partners up and down the country, so you’ll never be stuck for buying options. 

You can’t go shopping around on this one but you can choose from any participating trade partner. As long as you work with one retailer for both the kitchen cabinets and the appliances you’ll be on the right track.

Defining a "full kitchen" purchase

defining a full kitchen purchase

Let’s define a “full kitchen” purchase first. In order to qualify, you’ll need to buy at least five kitchen cabinets. Here’s an illustration to clarify things a bit. In this example, we’ve included a sink cabinet, two 600mm base units and a drawer pack suitable for an induction hob. To the right of the run there’s a tall oven housing. That’s a pretty minimal setup so compact kitchen buyers can get some some of the benefits being offered.

Qualifying NEFF appliances

OK, so that’s the kitchen, now onto the qualifying NEFF appliances and how they combine for the cash back offer. Firstly, to qualify for the cash back, you must include at least one oven and a hob with your kitchen purchase. And the models you choose will determine how much you can claim. 

NEFF cooking appliances are segmented into four product ranges: N30, N50, N70 and N90. The cash back amount you can claim will increase as you go up through the range. An oven and hob from the N30 range will qualify for £50 cash back. With the N50 you’ll qualify for £150, the N70 is £200 and the N90 is £250.

Now, what if you want a hob from the N30 range but an oven from the N70 range? How will that affect your cash back claim? Well, in that scenario, NEFF will align the cash back deal with the oven. So the N30 hob with an N70 oven will qualify for £200.

Venting your steam makes all the difference

The “hot” appliance for 2021 is the vented hob. That’s the one with an extraction fan built into the surface of the hob itself. NEFF’s vented hob is the memorably named T58TL6EN2 and it bumps up the cash back offer considerably. 

Combine NEFF’s vented hob with the N30 oven and you qualify for a hefty £500 cash back. Pair it with any of the N50 ovens and the cash back deal steps up to £650. With the N70 and you step up again to £700. If you’re looking for the ultimate package, then you’d be looking to match the vented hob with the N90 oven. That combination would qualify for £750 cash back.

Achieving the maximum cashback amount

Now! the headline number for this offer is £1400 but how do you get to qualify for that amount. Well, understandably, you’ve got to go all in with NEFF products. There are additional cash back offers on other appliance categories. These values range from £50 to £250 depending “N” number you go for.

Here’s an example to illustrate how it’s done.

NEFF cashback up to £1400

Along side your kitchen cabinets, if you purchase an N90 Oven and venting hob, you’ll qualify for £750. Add to that a coffee machine and you’ll also qualify for an additional £250. A N90 Fridge will add another £250 and a N70 Freezer gives you another £150, taking you put to a grand total of £1400.

How to claim

  • Visit on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Provide your order reference number (This will be provided by your retailer and starts with "150").
  • Upload an image of your purchase receipt.
  • Provide your appliance FD and ENr numbers.

So there you have it. The NEFF 2020 Cash back promotion. Hopefully, I’ve helped you to understand how it works. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch or visit the NEFF website.

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