New Kitchen Design Studio in Llantwit Major

New Kitchen Design Studio in Llantwit Major

I'm proud to announce that the Your Space Living Kitchen Design Studio 2.0 is now up and running. Just for a bit of background, I started the business in 2012 And began looking for a suitable venue to showcase my skills.

I moved into a brand new "pop up" shop that had been constructed by local entrepreneur and shop owner Ian Hunt. It was February 2013 and, despite the small size of the pop up, it felt like a huge move. The idea of a "pop up" is to act as a starting point for a fledgling business. It's not a long term solution, so almost as soon as I moved in, I was on the look out for the next step along the path. I knew it wouldn't be long before I totally outgrew the space I was working in.

Number three Commercial Street

Soon after I opened the pop up design studio, 3 Commercial Street, Llantwit Major came onto the market. I decided to take a look and was shocked at what I found. What a mess! I couldn't believe that someone was actually living there. Not only was it uninhabitable, we were to discover that it was also unsafe. 

A little bit of history

Commercial Street Llantwit Major before the war

Commercial Street Llantwit Major during the war

The building had a long history. It had been around since the 1860's and was best known as The Vale Cafe, run by Mrs Cummings. She closed the cafe in the 1950's and it became a private residence from that point forward. Unfortunately, the family who owned the property allowed it to fall into disrepair, even though they continued to live amongst the decay. Call me crazy but I had an idea and wanted a challenge. So in 2014, the building was placed in the ownership of the Buckerfield's and the transformation began.

It all starts with a plan

The plan was to convert the three stories into 3 separate sections. Floors one and two would be individual one bed apartments and the ground floor would be the new Your Space Living Design Studio. The conversion process turned out to be a complete nightmare. If it could go wrong it did. I'll never forget the day we discovered that a major structural beam was crumbling away. Had we not decided to act, it was highly likely that number 3 Commercial Street would have collapsed onto the road outside.

The two apartments were completed in 2015 and I've been developing the design studio plans ever since. It' was impossible to get things sorted any more quickly because I've also been running the business and serving my clients but the studio is now ready and I can't wait to show you what I've done.

the new kitchen design studio is now open

Commercial Street Llantwit Major in 2016

This is something different

Firstly, I need to clarify one thing. This is not a traditional kitchen showroom. I do have a number of beautiful Schuller kitchens on display, along with appliances and worktops. But it's more focused on the client's needs and creating a "real home" experience rather than a "showroom" experience that bears no relation to the way you live.

kitchen design bar

the design bar is where the kitchen magic happens

The concept I'm most proud of is the "Design Bar". It's not a trendy pub I'm afraid but It is the ideal place to create your new kitchen. I've designed a space that's as functional as it is stunning, allowing me to focus on your design rather than the influence of the studio environment. I've deliberately kept the colours of the Design Bar neutral, so that when we assemble your samples and mood boards, we can truly focus on what matters to you, your new kitchen.

I've already had several test runs prior to the official opening and the concept works. The clients who've been in to work with me have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They've been given the time, the space and the design input to create transformational kitchens. I'm very proud about this because I know the kitchens we've designed will also transform their lives once they are completed later this year.

Schuller kitchen in indigo

A place for all the family

Several of my recent clients have lively families who need to be entertained while the grown ups concentrate on the kitchen. For that reason, I created a little "snug" area where children can play games and have fun in a safe space that's within arm's reach of mum and dad.

play area for the children

Styles you’ll adore

I've also installed a range of styles and finishes that will inspire you to make great choices for your next kitchen. There's worktop displays from Consentino, including Dekton and Silestone, as well as Schuller and Corian.

Schuller kitchen in grey

I've attempted to build this whole space around your needs and I feel that I've achieved the majority of what I set out to do. I think this is a real opportunity for you to work with a qualified and experienced designer, who'll put your needs first, in a space that will inspire you to create the home of your dreams. There's no doubt, you'll thoroughly enjoy the experience from start to finish.

schuller kitchen with elica hood

I love it here and I hope you will to. Contact me today and book your free, no obligation, design consultation so that you can have a look around and we can start the conversation.

Huge thanks goes out to the Llantwit Major Historical Society for the additional photgraphs.

  • new kitchen design studio in llantwit major

    new kitchen design studio in llantwit major

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