New kitchen design studio launched with style

New kitchen design studio launched with style

We held a launch party for our new Llantwit Major kitchen design studio on 14th July and the whole evening was a great success. It was a chance to get together with clients from the past and the present and I was so grateful to have them with me to celebrate the next step in the Your Space Living Journey.

Thanks to some special friends

Firstly a few thank you's to Nicky, Elaine and Mel for helping me with the final touches to the studio and some rather fantastic cakes. To Tanya, thank you for all of your organisational genius and for getting me ready for the event. To Gareth Blunt, thank you for your exceptional photography, which has been made into a gallery for this blog post for people to enjoy. I must also thank the one and only Craig Quinnell (Welsh Rugby Star) for attending, entertaining and pulling the raffle.

High levels of anxiety

Prior to the evening, I was more nervous than I've ever been. This was worse than pitching a kitchen design to Ryan Jones (Former Welsh Rugby Captain). Whilst I had a good number of RSVP's, you never know how many people will actually turn up and I was worried that no one would arrive. But they did and at one point the studio was so full, I was worried we would spill out onto the street. As it turned out, the number of guests was perfect and so was the evening and I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all personally for making this important evening so special for me.


During the evening we held a small raffle to raise money for the Huggard Centre in Cardiff. The final amount raised was £100.00, which was great for a small impromptu fund raiser. The prize winners were very happy with the spoils and it was great to see the smiles on the faces of the winners.

raffle to raise money for the Huggard Centre

The Huggard Centre Cardiff

The Huggard Centre has been hard at work helping the homeless for over 20 years and they do a fantastic job looking after those unfortunate enough to find themselves on the streets and without shelter. Here are a few statistics outlining the achievements so far:

  • Managed a total of 24,879 visits to our day centre
  • Helped 1,386 individual homeless and vulnerable people through its day centreHuggard-Client
  • Directly accommodated 826 people
  • Provided 804 training and development sessions
  • Enabled 465 people to secure more stable accommodation
  • Helped 155 people to access private rented accommodation
  • through providing a bond
  • Gained over £1.5m in benefits for people who were reliant on begging and handouts as their only income  

Their services go way beyond a place to sleep. They also supply support and advice, clothing, washing facilities, recreation, personal development, hot meals and where possible voluntary opportunities for users to regain their confidence before moving back into the local community.

My visit

I decided to visit the centre, so that I could have a chat with Huggard's PA Karen Holbrook, who gave me more details on what goes on there and how I could help in the future. One area I could definitely look to help with is providing white goods that are no longer required by my clients. Quiet often, when we remove old fridges and washing machines, they are sent for dismantling and recycling. However, Karen explained to me that they are always on the look out for old machines that still have a year or so of life left in them. So, from now on, if I'm working on a kitchen renovation that has an appliance or two that's no longer required, I won't be putting them in the recycling skip.

presenting a donation to the Huggard Centre

For more details on the Huggard Centre, visit their website and if you wish to donate to their worthy cause, why not head over to their Just Giving page.

A big thanks to:

Nicky Wilkes -

Elaine Jones -

Mel Constantinou -

Tanya Lynch -

Gareth Blunt -

Raffle prizes from:

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