Our kitchen design service transforms this St Athan home

Our kitchen design service transforms this St Athan home

As promised on the Your Space Facebook Page , here is the story of how our kitchen design service changed the way our client looked at their home. The result was a happy family and another beautiful kitchen by Your Space Living. Mr and Mrs Carradice openly admitted to me, right at the outset, that new kitchens and fancy houses were of no importance to them. They had other priorities in their lives. As long as their kitchen was clean and functional they were happy. However, they eventually faced the fact that the kitchen they were living with had to go. It was looking tired and dated. Replacement doors and worktops weren’t going to help on this occasion.

Once we got started on the design process, it became apparent that Mr and Mrs Carradice were more interested in design than they initially let on. We moved from a “not too fussed either way” to a “hmm! what about one of those mixed with a bit of that?”. You see, I’m an enthusiastic designer. I can’t help it. I always do my best to include my clients at every stage of the design. I want them to feel part of the process. Quite often they have amazing ideas but don’t have either the confidence or the desire to share them. It was wonderful to see Mr and Mrs Carradice evolve as the design progressed. As their enthusiasm grew, so did the number of ideas they had. Budget was still a factor, and I made sure I kept the scope of the ambition in check at all times. In the end they choose the classic shaker style in Ivory with square stainless steel handles.

This kitchen was a fully project managed kitchen design service and installation. We had to remove all the existing units and appliances. Then install the electrics, re-plaster and decorate. We then added tiles to the floor and the walls, before finally the installing the new kitchen itself. All completed on time to the customers satisfaction.

I worked out the logistics well in advance so the trades were rolling one after the other, not a day was missed. This job was run like clockwork. The plastering and making good of ceilings and walls are always the most time sensitive due to the drying process. It all worked out perfectly and after two weeks, from start to finish, the clients were using their new kitchen and loving everything about it. They now realised what a difference a new kitchen can make to a home. They enjoy the space they have created. It works perfectly for the way they want to live and I’m so proud to have been a part of this transformation project.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Carradice for choosing Your Space. It was a privilege working with you. I feel that together we have created a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful.



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