When Keith first entered our Llantwit Major design studio to discuss his planned bathroom renovation, he wasn't sure what to expect. He'd not experienced a truly bespoke design service before and was weary of being taken down a path of fluffy and frivolous design concepts. His concerns were soon put to rest as he received a professional and focused design service that was tailored to his specific needs. Keith was involved with the design process from start to finish and his input proved vital as the project developed. Only by including his views through open and honest discussion, could we have achieved the finish that Keith is delighted with.  

This bathroom refresh benefits from the existing window that floods the room with warm light throughout the day. The strong light source bounces off the gloss porcelain tiles which have a three dimensional wave pattern. The additional grey veining on the tile adds interest to the room and prevents it from looking too stark and clinical. 

Whilst Keith craved a simple design, he still wanted as much functionality as possible. He was keen to install a walk in shower and we came up with a perfect solution, whilst maintaining a large bath with plenty of access. We used high quality sanitary ware with chrome taps and fittings for a fresh, seamless look. Whilst at the other end of the room we have the Grohe hidden cistern, back to wall pan and dark vanity unit. The dark contrasting floor times complete this beautiful bathroom, making it a sight to behold. 

If you like what you see here, why not make contact with a member of the design team. We would love to help you create a dreamy bathroom that will help you relax and enjoy some well deserved "me" time.