No one should start a home extension project without plenty of professional advice and thorough planning. Mr and Mrs Stokes wanted to look at all the options and how best to maximise their home without spending more than the house would return in a resale. They wanted this home to suit them as they lived now but realised they may look to relocate in the future. As a result, the plans for the extension underwent a number or drastic revisions.

Jo Buckerfield was called in to design a kitchen for the initial architectural plans. Many months then passed while Mr and Mrs Stokes explored other options. Then in late 2018, after a complete rethink. they returned to Jo for a new kitchen solution. This concept was built around an orangery style extension to the rear of the property, with a removal of the original kitchen wall to open up the space. 

Even with the removal of the wall and the orangery extension, this wasn't a huge space. In addition, Mr Stokes was keen to incorporate some office space for the days he would be working from home. Jo needed to design the space carefully. The kitchen couldn't be compromised as Mrs Stokes wanted to maximise the worktop space and increase the storage from her previous kitchen.

Everyone was delighted with the finished kitchen, which blends seamlessly with a dynamic dining area and a light, bright orangery.