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Pronorm Kitchen

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Pronorm Kitchen
Pronorm Kitchen

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Pronorm Kitchens

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Pronorm has a long and distinguished history. The original factory in Vlotho, Germany, began production in 1945. From small beginnings, the company built a reputation for delicately crafted, high quality furniture that has stood the test of time. Pronorm now enjoys a reputation as one of the most innovative and trusted contemporary kitchen brands operating out of Germany.

Pronorm Kitchen

Spoiled for Choice

4 versatile product lines built on a single platform of the highest quality

  • Consistent sizes
  • Consistent colours
  • Consistent technology
  • Consistent quality

The smart kitchen

Engineered for value, this cost-effective German kitchen is the smart choice for modern homes. The Classic Line base cabinet is 704mm tall and traditionally sits on a 165mm plinth, giving you a working height of 909mm when combined with a 40mm worktop. The colour options and front finishes span five colour groups, giving you a wide choice as you select the perfect style for your home.

The ergonomic grid kitchen

The Proline kitchen consists of a fully featured cabinet designed to maximise storage with a reduced height plinth and base cabinet heights up to 832mm. This allows for a wide range of ergonomic layout options that are proportional and tailored to your needs. The 128mm grid system enables cabinets of varying heights to line up perfectly along side each other. With more than 10 colour groups, the colours and textures available to you are vast. Add to this an equally wide range of handles to choose from and you have all you need to create a truly unique kitchen.

The classic handleless kitchen

When it comes to handleless kitchens, German manufacturers lead the way. Pronorm is no exception. The X-Line kitchen is a fully featured handleless kitchen with a variety of "C" channel finish options to create your own unique look. The "C" channel is a fabricated aluminium strip that sits behind the slab door or drawer front. The channel gives you the space to place your fingers around the door and pull to open. As with the Proline, this kitchen comes in all the colours and textures you could ever wish for.

The unique handleless kitchen

Y-Line takes the handleless kitchen to the next level. The features of the Y-Line kitchen are unique to Pronorm. The perfectly proportioned aluminium strip is secured to the door, adding detail and practicality. Where X-Line features an aluminium "C" channel, Y-Line has a channel made from the same material as the door front. The result is streamlined styling that will make your kitchen stand out from the rest.

Base Cabinet Heights Designed for Maximum Flexibility

Pronorm cabinet heights

Pronorm are extremely focused on ergonomics and recognise the need for a range of height options catering for the individuality of our clients. From the compact Classic Line kitchen to the Plus sized Proline, X-Line and Y-Line, you have the ability to tailor your work surface to the most comfortable height for your needs. These are all important factors that our qualified designers take into account when you start your kitchen design journey.

Pronorm kitchen in darker shades
Pronorm kitchen warmer shades
Pronorm kitchen in ligher shades
Pronorm kitchen in natural green tones

Colours of Nature

Your perfect kitchen sets the scene for experiencing those special family moments. Our clients celebrate these moments in style, framed within their made-to-measure kitchen. Ensuring those special occasions last all year long.

Inspired by nature, Pronorm's selection of colours and textures create a delightful interplay of exciting contrasts and appealing compositions. With or without handles, lacquered fronts or luxurious wood veneer, your kitchen takes centre centre stage in a room of pure aesthetics of extravagant materials.

Furniture should never compete with a home’s architecture. The aim should always be to underscore architectural individuality with appealing and refreshing charm. Combining Pronorm colours and textures creates a space of pure harmony that complements a room. Clean looking design with perfect, geometric lines are a delight to the eye.

Colours have a direct impact on everyone. Dark colours embody strength and a modern feel. The sunny warmth of crimson is an ambassador of energy, whilst greys and lighter tones bring neutrality and calm. Our clients love the Pronorm palette and how it encourages the designer to combine, contrast and complement. The result is always a room of powerful elegance.

Jo Buckerfield Design Director

Jo Buckerfield - Design Director

Choosing Pronorm was a qualified decision.

Our design director, Jo Buckerfield, has more than twenty years of industry experience. After graduating with a furniture design degree in 2000, she began her career working for a bespoke furniture manufacturer in Surrey. Her decision to specialise in kitchens came in 2005 and she hasn't looked back since. Kitchen design is a complex discipline that requires a wide expertise, which only comes from many years of real world experience. Jo's talent for design is only matched by the dedication she injects into every project. The decision to work with Pronorm came after several years of searching for the right manufacturer. With many German brands purely focused on numbers, Pronorm offered an alternative approach. With Pronorm focused on quality with great design, we can let the furniture do the talking without the need to meet sales targets or use high pressure sales techniques. All you need to do is enjoy the process.

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Pronorm Factory

The Pronorm Factory and Display Centre - Vlotho, Germany

Pronorm Factory Aerial Picture
Pronorm Factory
Pronorm Factory

State of the art

From their state-of-the-art facility in Vlotho Germany, Pronorm have built a reputation for cutting edge design and unparalleled quality. This superb factory and display centre has been developing continuously since Karsten Müller established the company in 1973. We started working with Pronorm in 2016 and haven't looked back. Year on year they have continued to develop the ranges and innovate in ways that other manufacturers only talk about. We are delighted to be Cardiff's exclusive Pronorm partner and look forward to showing you what can be achieved by our dedicated design team.

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