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Pronorm Kitchens

Pronorm has a long and distinguished history. The original factory in Vlotho, Germany, began production in 1945. From small beginnings, the company built a reputation for delicately crafted, high quality furniture that has stood the test of time. Pronorm now stands as one of the most innovative and trusted contemporary kitchen brands operating out of Germany.

Four Distinctive Kitchen Styles

A flexible design concept for truly unique kitchens.

Why Pronorm?

As Cardiff and the Vale's exclusive supplier of Pronorm kitchens, we are proud to represent a trusted brand that is supremely engineered and incredibly flexible. The design options are almost limitless, making Pronorm the perfect choice for those who want more than a basic kitchen design. With a vast array of door options in a multitude of colours, finishes and textures, you have everything you need for the perfect contemporary kitchen.

Pronorm kitchen in black
high quality shaker kitchen

Choosing Pronorm was a qualified decision.

Our design director, Jo Buckerfield, has more than twenty years of industry experience. After graduating with a furniture design degree in 2000, she began her career working for a bespoke furniture manufacturer in Surrey. Her decision to specialise in kitchens came in 2005 and she hasn't looked back since. Kitchen design is a complex discipline that requires a wide expertise, which only comes from many years of real world experience. Jo's talent for design is only matched by the dedication she injects into every project. The decision to work with Pronorm came after several years of searching for the right manufacturer. With many German brands purely focused on numbers, Pronorm offered an alternative approach. With Pronorm, we can let the furniture do the talking. It's design capabilities and quality make it an instant choice. We don't need to push the Pronorm or use sales techniques to convince you. We simply deliver beautiful design using superb furniture and let nature take its course.

Book your complementary design appointment with Jo and let's start the conversation.

Pronorm kitchens gallery

  •  Pronorm kitchen with feature peninsular

    Pronorm kitchen with feature peninsular

  •  Pronorm Y Line and Proline 128 combination

    Pronorm Y Line and Proline 128 combination

  •  Pronorm X-Line kitchen

    Pronorm X-Line kitchen

  •  Pronorm Pro Line utility room

    Pronorm Pro Line utility room

  •  Pronorm Pro Line kitchen in wood veneer

    Pronorm Pro Line kitchen in wood veneer

  •  Pronorm x-line kitchen

    Pronorm x-line kitchen

  •  Pronorm Pro line kitchen

    Pronorm Pro line kitchen

  •  Pronorm kitchen furniture

    Pronorm kitchen furniture

Pronorm Kitchen case studies

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