Silestone - beautiful quartz work surfaces for Cardiff and South Wales
Silestone Cardiff

Work surfaces powered by HybriQ® technology.

Hybrid mineral surfaces for innovative spaces

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What is Silestone®?

Silestone® is a low-silica mineral surface composed of premium minerals and recycled materials. It offers the most cutting-edge hybrid surface of minerals, quartz, and recycled materials on the market today. Now with revolutionary Hybriq+® technology, which effectively reduces crystalline silica content, resulting in an innovative, sustainable, and high-performance surface for kitchens and bathrooms.

Silestone Cardiff

Silestone sustainability is due to...

An innovative generation of surfaces completely manufactured with renewable energy, recycled water and composed with a hybrid formulation: a new high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled glass. More beautiful. More sustainable. More innovation. More Silestone®.

Silestone Cardiff


Cosentino, the manufacturer behind Silestone®, has made a commitment to innovation and sustainability. The result is the NEW Silestone®, with exceptional performance and amazing color depth. They have achieved this whilst ensuring the same guaranteed quality that has made Silestone® the undisputed market leader over the years.

Silestone Cardiff


The new composition of premium minerals chosen for each design from around the world make greater colour depth, textures, and tones possible for Silestone, creating unique and personalized interior spaces. Our qualified design service will explore all the possibilities to ensure your kitchen meets your needs and desires.

Silestone Cardiff


HybriQ+ uses a minimum of 20% recycled materials in its composition, such as glass and other minerals. its manufacturing process is entirely fueled by renewable energy and recycled water. With this move towards a brighter future, Cosentino are playing their part in creating beauty without destruction.

The ideal mineral surface

Impact resistant | Stain resistant | Scratch resistant | Acid resistant | 25 Year Guarantee


Strength and Beauty

The manufacturing process outlined above creates a strong, non-porous material that is highly practical, easy to clean and resistant to stains. Cosentino adds flecks of glass and metallics to create a range of beautiful coloured surfaces designed to complement any kitchen style. With new surface textures that include suede and volcanic, there truly is an option for everyone. Cosentino’s 25 year warrantee means there’s every reason to explore the Silestone range and see how well it works with your new kitchen.

Cutting edge design

There are a number of edge profiles available to suit the look you prefer.

Straight bevelled edge

The straight edge is the simplest of all, as it has the same thickness as the worktop but with a straight finish.


A totally rounded finish that creates a sensation of complete continuity in the kitchen, while maintaining the same worktops thickness.


An edge with the same worktop thickness that softens the kitchen or bathroom worktop with a curved finish.

Dove chest

A traditional edge formed by a finish with very elegant curves.


The perfect solution, to which a side piece is added to add robustness to the kitchen or bathroom worktop.

2+2 eased edge

This type of edge gives the worktop continuity while maintaining its shock and scratch resistance.

Abundance of colour choice

Silestone is available in more than 90 colours with tonal choices galore. For a minimalist approach there’s a range of plain colours, with alternative options showing a visible grain. For those in search of the exotic, there’s a number of vein effects that resemble luxurious marble. Add in three different texture options and you’ll soon discover there are endless possibilities for your kitchen.

Silestone alpina white
Silestone Bamboo
Silestone bianco calcatta
Silestone cemento spa
Silestone Grey
Silestone Lyra

A close look at texture

With the aim of being adapted to your style, Silestone offers you different textures to any of your chosen applications. Polish, Suede or Volcano are three possibilities that make your imagination fly and have your worktop, flooring or walling with the texture that you have always wanted.

Silestone polished texture


This is where it all started, the original Silestone® polished quartz surface. The polished finish offers the look and feel that will stand the test of time. With the smooth feel of natural stone, Silestone’s original polished surface remains popular throughout the world. There are countless options to choose from, with solid colours, deeply veined and crystallised effects in wide range that caters for any kitchen design scheme. The polished finish also boasts the beautiful Integrity sink, which seamlessly integrates a Silestone sink into the work surface, for the ultimate in continuity.

Silestone suede texture


Silestone Suede is a textured surface that is uniquely soft to the touch. This is an elegant material that is hygienic and easy to clean. It also offers the added benefit of reducing fingerprint marks and greasy stains. It complements the popular matt door finishes that have become popular, adding an unexpected sense of ambience of your kitchen. By maintaining the same characteristics to the overall design of your room, the suede surface can help you achieve total colour consistency and the perfect finish.

Silestone volcano texture


Volcano is the new Silestone texture. It is soft to the touch but deeply textured. Some might say it has a rustic feel but that might limit the perception of its versatility. Volcano is the result of a huge R&D effort to find an attractive surface for those who love the rugged look. It looks great in an industrial setting, whilst being equally at home in an authentic country kitchen. The Volcano utilises a special surface treatment that has been developed to assist in cleaning, which adds to the practicality of this beautiful surface.

Slab Formats

Silestone comes in two slab sizes and three thicknesses this means your choice can adapt to your project with ease. Silestone slab formats include “Standard” at 306 x 140 cm and “Jumbo” at 325 х 159 cm. The thickness choices are 12mm, 20mm and 30mm, to help you achieve the look you desire.

1.2 cm 2 cm 3 cm

Integrity Sinks

The Integrity Sink is unique to Silestone. This seamless solution is perfect for those who want the ultimate integration. Undermounted or mounted on the top of the work surface, The Integrity Sink is made from Silestone and the undercounted version blends with the top surface without any visible joins. It’s a work of art that you’ll be proud to own.

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