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Pronorm German kitchens

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Pronorm German kitchens

Pronorm, a distinguished German kitchen manufacturer with roots dating back to the 1940s, has been a cornerstone of our offerings since our collaboration began in 2016. Their extensive product range encompasses four distinct lines, each catering to diverse needs.

Uform kitchens

Specialising in intricate kitchen components, UForm supplies doors, drawer fronts, and woodwork essential for our kitchens. We continue to partner with UForm due to the undeniable quality of their products, ensuring our kitchens maintain their high standards.

NEFF appliances

Neff stands as a renowned appliance manufacturer, and we proudly showcase their popular ovens as a mid-to-high-end offering in our displays. As a trusted display dealer, we recognise the Neff commitment to quality and innovation, making their products a fitting choice for those seeking top-tier kitchen appliances.

Miele Applainces

In the realm of high-end appliances, Miele reigns supreme, and we proudly serve as a display dealer for their exceptional products. Miele appliances are the epitome of luxury, recommended for clients with discerning tastes and the budget to match. When excellence is everything, Miele is the brand of choice.

Caple Applainces

Caple, a UK-based appliance manufacturer from Bristol, holds a prominent place in our selection. As the flagship brand of the Maurice Lay empire, Caple's top-of-the-range ovens and refrigeration solutions offer a compelling combination of quality and affordability.

Novy hob extraction

For vented hobs, our go-to specialist is NOVY. Renowned for their impeccably crafted machines, NOVY caters to those who prioritise performance without compromising on aesthetics. Their popularity stems from a focus on delivering top-notch functionality in kitchen design.

Quooker boiling tap

Quooker has become synonymous with innovation in the UK, emerging as the leading provider of hot taps. Known for dispensing boiling water straight from the spout at 100 degrees, Quooker has solidified its place as an indispensable element in modern kitchens.

Quooker boiling tap

The Cosentino Group is a global, family-owned Spanish company that produces and distributes innovative, sustainable and high-value surfaces for the world of architecture and design. Seen as the global market leader, Cosentino strives to create beautiful worksurfaces using sustainable methods. Utilising recycled materials with a combination of minerals that deliver durability that last the test of time. For more details on the flagship work surfaces, SilestoneĀ® and DektonĀ®, click the buttons bellow.

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