Timeless beauty for your home.

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Beautiful and Authentic Kitchens

The rural landscape of South Wales lends itself perfectly to cottage style homes and farmhouse kitchens. We design traditional kitchens in a variety of styles, materials and detailing to achieve the authentic look that you've been dreaming of.

Traditional design - crafted by hand

Achieving the authentic in-frame kitchen takes a level of expertise that only comes from many years of professional experience. We combine the best design with beautifully crafted furniture made using time tested methods. The results speak for themselves and our clients are delighted with their stunning kitchens that have been crafted around their desire for eternal beauty.

Traditional in frame kitchens
Traditional in frame kitchen with AGA

Quality and attention to detail

Our traditional kitchens feature high quality ash or tulip doors depending on the chosen range. The flush joints and subtle wood grain feel luxurious to the touch, whilst the durable painted finish adds a level of destination you can be proud of. Each cabinet is built in the UK to our own exacting standards. We only use the best materials and components to ensure you're kitchen continues to look perfect for years to come.

We won't compromise

Our In-Frame kitchens maintain a long established tradition of quality and style.

Feature rich traditional kitchens

Our traditional kitchens have range of detail options to help you achieve the perfect look.

  • Moulded cornice
  • Modular pilasters
  • Traditional corbals
  • Canopies
  • Plate racks
  • Overmantles

With our thoughtful design process you can relax, knowing that your traditional kitchen will look beautiful from every angle.

Traditionall Kitchen Cornice
Traditional Kitchen Inframe Doors

Together we create a scheme you'll adore

We don't just sell you a kitchen. Our aim is to create a living space you'll love. That means we need to look at more than just the colour of the cabinet doors. We look at all of the elements that make up a great room. From floor tiles to curtains, from wall colours to worktops, every aspect is explored to ensure the result is perfect for you and your home.

Traditional kitchens moodboard

Examples of our traditional kitchens

  •  Country Kitchen in blue

    Country Kitchen in blue

  •  Raised and Fielded Oak Door

    Raised and Fielded Oak Door

  •  Elegant White In-Frame Kitchen

    Elegant White In-Frame Kitchen

  •  Traditional Family Kitchen

    Traditional Family Kitchen

  •  Ornamental Oak Features

    Ornamental Oak Features

  •  Modern appliances in country kitchen

    Modern appliances in country kitchen

  •  Luxury Traditional Kitchen

    Luxury Traditional Kitchen

  •  Removal of internal kitchen wall

    Removal of internal kitchen wall

Each of the above kitchens were designed and installed by Your Space Living

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