Mr and Mrs Chorley of Newport South Wales were close to starting their stunning rear extension when they commissioned Your Space Living to design a very modern Schuller kitchen. They wanted to make a colourful statement and set a creative brief that was full of freedom. The theme was a blend of contemporary design and 60’s chic. Experimentation was high on the list and numerous designs were presented before Mr and Mrs Chorley settled on a final look and layout. With the agreed design in the completed, it was onto the waiting game whilst the extension was built. Communication throughout the build was constant. It was important to keep communication channels open with the building team in case of any last minute construction changes.

The Schuller kitchen design was built around a central island that looked over the spacious living area. The units themselves were a combination of handleless and handled in petrol blue and white. Additional colour was injected into the design with the help of green, blue and red shelving units. Mr and Mrs Chorley had a clear sense of the style the were looking for and this Schuller kitchen was the ideal solution.