When Mr and Mrs Rees purchased their new build home in St Athan, they knew it wouldn't be long before they would change the low quality, default, kitchen supplied by the house builder. We are proud to say that when the time came to redesign this  beautiful space, Mr and Mrs Rees chose Jo Buckerfield and the Your Space Living team. Despite the fact this was a new house, built to the latest specifications, all options were on the table. Mr and Mrs Rees were willing to make structural changes if necessary. It was Jo's role to demonstrate the options, along with the pros and the cons,  all the while keeping  a constant eye on the cost implications of any decision that was made. The outcome was to stick to the original footprint but add additional light from a new window on the far end wall. 

The kitchen itself is a combination of Pronorm's premium ranges, X-Line and Y-Line. This minimalistic kitchen design is given wonderful warmth and texture from the colours and finishes that were used. Predominantly, The warmth of Stone Grey adds a perfect contrast to the textured finish of Sherwood Dark Brown. These exclusive Pronorm finishes create a sense of style that other manufacturers would struggle to match.

All this was brought together in Jo Buckerfield's design and realised by her expert team of professionals working together for the benefit of Mr and Mrs Rees and their stunning St Athan home.