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Beautiful German kitchens

Pronorm are the ultimate German kitchen brand. They have built a reputation for delivering great furniture and impeccable customer service. Download the brochure now for more information.

Pronorm Colours of Nature

Colours of Nature 2021

An exploration into the natural shades, colours and textures of the Pronorm range, showing how they can be combined for the ultimate in stylish beauty.

Pronorm Brochure 2021

Create Your World 2021

The 2021 Pronorm brochure is full of amazing ideas that will inspire your next kitchen design. The versatility and and quality of the furniture is clear for all to see in this stunning document.

Pronorm Art of Living

Art of Living 2020

This supplementary booklet is a wonderful addition to the latest Pronorm brochures. The gorgeous pictures show how beautifully Pronorm kitchens can enhance your lifestyle with practical solutions.

Pronorm Loving Detail

Loving Detail 2021

This supplementary booklet explores the differences between the four Pronorm ranges, ProLine, YLine, XLine and ClassicLine. It demonstrates some of the techhnical elements that make each of the kitchens unique. In addition, the new utility room range is also explored.

Pronorm Material Emotions 2020

Material Emotions 2020

This full colour brochure is all about texture and the dynamic range that Pronorm now offers. There are some great ideas here, with stunning displays that will set your creative juices flowing.

Pronorm Brochure 2020

Create Your World 2020

The 2020 Pronorm brochure is a timeless wonder that is full of eternally beautiful inspiration. Whilst it is true that some of the colours and textures are no longer available, that isn't true for the vast majority of Pronorm's range. This brochure is still relevant and you shouldn't hesitate in clicking the download link.

Frequently asked questions:

We are happy to send the latest printed brochures to commited clients who have already commissioned our services. We also have a number of brochures available for collection in our design studio.

We look at all potential projects on a case by case basis. Whilst we do prefer to work within a local radius, we will travel for exciting projects further afield. The best thing to do is contact us so that we can discuss your plans.

Like many German kitchen brands, Pronorm are constantly updating and refreshing their range of kitchens. However, the do still offer some timeless styles that have been around for many years. Due to the relevance and poularity of these classic products, we feel it's useful to make older brochures available.