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Everything FOR the kitchen sink!

Cardiff’s kitchens have never had it so good

The ultimate kitchen tap from Quooker Quooker provides instant, 100º boiling, cold and hot water. Connect the optional CUBE and you’ll turn your Quooker Tap into a chilled filtered and sparkling water dispenser. That’s five water options from one, single tap. We have a detailed blog post here.

Say goodbye to the kettle

With a Quooker as part of your kitchen, the days of waiting for the kettle to boil are over. You'll love the time you save.


Quooker - The tap that does it all

The Quooker AR App

Quooker have now released a handy little app that allows you to visualise the tap in position before you buy. It's a great way to get a feel for the dimensions of the Quooker, as well as the style that works best in your kitchen.

If you need the AR Marker, head over to this address and download the PDF:

App Store graphic

Learn more about Quooker

This short video explains everything you need to know about the Quooker boiling hot tap. Take a look at how it works and the benefits it brings. Check out the optional CUBE, which turns the Quooker into a chilled filtered and sparkling water fountain.

"You'll always have instant boiling water whenever you want it."


The next time you stand by your kettle, waiting for the steam to rise, it’s worth asking yourself what you’d rather be doing. The Quooker gives you instant boiling water on tap. It’s the only hot water tap that can deliver 100º boiling water from the spout and it works like no other.

Quooker convenience

Blanching vegetables

Vegetable blanching involves quick exposure to boiling water before immediate transition to iced water. This process ensures crisp and flavourful vegetables that are perfect for salads. With a Quooker, blanching is a quick process that gives you perfect results every time.

Quooker safety


The Quooker works by storing a reservoir of water inside a vacuum sealed, highly insulated cylinder under the sink. The water temperature inside the cylinder is maintained in a pressurised environment at a constant 110º. In order to dispense boiling water, the user must double tap the handle and then turn. A red light illuminates and the boiling water flows through an insulated spout. This system is effective and keeps curious little hands away from danger. Once the tap is activated, air is introduced to the flow, this reduces the water temperature from 110º to 100º. In addition this cool air acts to control spurting, a common feature of other hot taps, reducing the risk of painful scolding. In fact, it’s possible to pass your hand through the water flow without any harm.

The FLEX hose safety feature

The Quooker FLEX offers an additional safety feature, which makes it impossible to dispense boiling water whenever the flexible hose is extended from the tap spout.


Economy and sustainability are at the heart of every Quooker Tap. Unlike a kettle, there is no water waste. This is because you only dispense the exact amount of boiling water you need. The stainless steel cylinder is insulated to keep the heat inside. It acts like an electronic flask and uses only 10w of standby electricity. That’s around 3 pence a day. It’s likely that your internet modem uses more power than that and it won’t even help you make a cup of tea.

Quooker efficiency

Time is precious

Time is a precious resource that many take for granted. How often do you stand by the kettle waiting for it to boil? How much time have you wasted as you wait for the steam to rise? With a Quooker, boiling water is instant and once you've experienced instant boiling water, your kettle will be a distant memory.

Quooker is a sustainable solution

This short video explains why the Quooker is so incredibly efficient. Look at the low running costs and the ease of maintenance. In addition, the optional CUBE also makes an appearance and demonstrates how it plays its own part in reducing pollution.

"Sustainability: it's been in Quooker's DNA since the very beginning."


A Quooker Tap will transform the look of your kitchen. For a start, there’s no need for a kettle, so that worktop appliance has gone for good. Then there’s the Quooker itself, a thing of beauty. This amazing tap is available in round or square spout variations, with or without a retractable Flexi hose. There’s the modern Fusion for contemporary kitchen lovers and the Classic fusion with ornate, traditional styling. The Quooker comes in a number of different finishes so you can complement your kitchen design perfectly. Take a look at the gallery below and feel free to get in touch for more information.

  •  Quooker Nordic twin tap

    Quooker Nordic twin tap

  •  Quooker Nordic single square

    Quooker Nordic single square

  •  Quooker Fusion Patina Brass

    Quooker Fusion Patina Brass

  •  Quooker Fusion Patina Brass

    Quooker Fusion Patina Brass

  •  Quooker Fusion Gold

    Quooker Fusion Gold

  •  Quooker Classic Fusion in Nickel

    Quooker Classic Fusion in Nickel

  •  Quooker Classic Fusion Square

    Quooker Classic Fusion Square

  •  Quooker Classic Fusion Square in Stainless Steel

    Quooker Classic Fusion Square in Stainless Steel

  •  Quooker Fusion Square in Chrome

    Quooker Fusion Square in Chrome

  •  Quooker Fusion Square in Black

    Quooker Fusion Square in Black

  •  Quooker Fusion round in Black

    Quooker Fusion round in Black

  •  Quooker Flex

    Quooker Flex

  •  Quooker Flex

    Quooker Flex

Quooker Cube


The CUBE is the ultimate Quooker accessory. It connects directly to the Quooker tap, bypassing the boiling water tank and adds two vital functions.

  • Chilled filtered water
  • Chilled sparkling water

With a CUBE attached, all you have to do is combine a push and a turn movement with the handle and let the water flow. It’s an elegant solution to instant water, just the way you want it.

Eco Friendly

With the Quooker CUBE, one canister of C02 yields 60-70 litres of carbonated water. Now you can ditch the plastic bottles and do your bit for the environment.

The Your Space Living difference

We are a customer focused design company that use the best appliances to create the most practical and beautiful kitchens. We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate in design, information and service.

We love what we do and we love the clients we do it for. A Quooker Tap from Your Space Living is one part of an overall experience that you’ll be delighted with. Contact us and have a chat with Jo. She will talk to you about your new kitchen project and help you make something amazing.

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