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Modern Schuller kitchen project planned for Newport

For this weeks blog I wanted to talk about one of my latest projects. It’s not often that someone comes along looking to create something truly different.

Mr and Mrs Cook found Your Space Living by chance following a Google search. They had been looking at installing a modern Schuller kitchen for some time but had been unable to find a supplier with a design solution that suited their needs. After several unsuccessful weeks looking around the South Wales area, they were all set to travel over the Severn Bridge to Bristol in search of the kitchen they wanted. Thank goodness for Google (well, apart from all that tax business).

One late evening, whilst sitting at my laptop working on a rather wonderful extension project in Esher, I received a very interesting email. Mrs Cook wanted to meet with me to discuss a very specific kitchen design that needed to fulfil her family’s needs.

Three days later, I met with Mr and Mrs Cook, along with Mrs Cook’s Mother. They set about explaining their project and it wasn’t long before I was hooked in to their stunning plans. This was a stunning project and I wanted to help them in any way I could. The extension design blended cutting edge, modern architecture with the 1950’s bungalow. They showed me the plans and they look stunning. I’m sure it will work perfectly with the modern Schuller kitchen design I’m now working on.

Mr and Mrs Cook’s project wouldn’t look out of place on Channel4′s “Grand Designs” television programme. Their original bungalow was being transformed to create a home that was spacious enough for the three of them. Yes, the plan was for two generations to live together in one house.

Hall & Bednarczyk Architects of Chepstow have been commissioned with the task of designing the extension and its integration into the original bungalow. I met with them in person this week and I have to say I was very impressed. They are a very forward thinking company with a passionate group of people who are experts in their field. They have come up with a brilliant design that marries the original 1950′s bungalow to a striking double height, open plan kitchen and living space that is going to be beautiful when it’s completed.

My task was to come up with a modern Schuller kitchen and study design that would look stunning but offer practical solutions to their family dynamic. The agreed design was to contain all the necessary appliances but to demonstrate more of a living space rather than a kitchen. The design suggested a mixture of finishes and colours catering for all their requirements while keeping to a 60s theme.

The building work is set to begin in June and the furniture should be installed soon after. I plan to write about it again once there is a significant development and once more upon completion.

Of course I’ll be ‘Tweeting‘ and ‘Facebooking‘ all the way through, so feel free to join me there.

Meeting the Cooks’ has been a real pleasure. I am so glad they found me and allowed me to help them through this journey.

planned extension for Newport South Wales

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