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Quooker: the tap that does it all

Water: Hot, cold, boiling, sparkling, filtered - on tap - instantly

The Quooker boiling water tap

The ultimate convenience for your forever kitchen

We consider the Quooker to be an essential accessory for the kitchen lover who values convenience and efficiency. This beautifully designed range of taps offers all the features you could ever wish for.

  • Hot and Cold mixer tap
  • 100º Boiling water
  • Chilled filtered water
  • Sparkling and Chilled filtered water

Each of these features are delivered instantly through this highly efficient piece of technology that costs pennies to run.

Why would anyone want a Quooker?

The versatile Quooker tap

Have you ever counted the number of times you boil a kettle each day? What about the vegetables, the pasta or the rice that you heat up on the hob? How long do each of those tasks take to do? How much energy do you use each time you flick the switch or turn that dial? The answer’s are that boiling kettles and heating pans take much longer and use more energy than a Quooker.

The Quooker was the first of its kind. Invented by Henri Peteri in 1970, this tap has become the class leader with more than fifty individual patents and global sales in excess of 1000,000. The Quooker ethos for continual development has seen the tap evolve over the years. This has led to a wider choice in design and finish, as well as functionality with the addition of The CUBE in 2019. So, not only is Quooker class leading, it is also innovative and remains on the cutting edge, reassuring owners that it will be around for many years to come.

All of this talk about efficiency and market dominance is great but what about convenience? Well, there’s no hot tap more convenient than a Quooker. The vacuum sealed thermos tank sits inside your cabinet under your sink and connects to the water mains and the tap. The tank holds a reservoir of water at a constant temperature of 110°. When the boiling function is activated on the Quooker, an aerated stream of 100° boiling water instantly flows from the tap.

For the chilled and sparkling functionality, you need The CUBE. This is a separate unit that connects to the main Quooker tank. When you activate the chilled or sparkling water function, the chosen water flows from the tap. It’s perfectly chilled and filtered as it fills your glass.

So, It’s efficient, economical and convenient but is it safe?

With 500,000 units working in homes throughout the world, safety is a vital feature of the Quooker tap. The tank reservoir has been developed over many years, it’s fully serviceable and built to the highest standards. The tap itself benefits from a knurled twist dial to trigger the boiling water function. Boiling water will only flow once you’ve deliberately pressed the dial twice before turning. The boiling water that leaves the spout is then aerated, which stops it spluttering and scolding.

What Quooker do you need?

The Quooker comes in different styles and configurations

The Quooker tap comes in a range of styles and configurations. The best Quooker for you depends on your style preferences and the features you require. The taps are available as fully featured mixers in the Flex, Fusion and Classic, whilst the Nordic style offers a twin tap option. The taps come in square or round shapes, as well as a range of surface finishes. Popular surface finishes include steel, gold, black and brass, depending on the model you choose.

Under the hood you also have a choice of three vacuum thermos tanks. The Pro3 holds three litres of water at 100° and is ideal for most family homes. The Pro7 is the same but with a capacity of seven litres. Finally there’s the Quooker Combi, which is a seven litre tank that also heats warm water for homes with low water pressure.

How does a hot tap produce chilled water?

In its basic form, The Quooker is a boiling water tap. The chilled and sparkling features come from The CUBE, which is an additional unit that connects to the Quooker’s vacuum tank. The CUBE contains cooling elements and two filters, which all help it produce perfectly chilled, great tasting water. The additional CO² cylinder connects to the CUBE and a quick push and turn of the knurled twist dial will deliver cool, sparkling water straight from the spout.

The Quooker installation

If you’re interested in a Quooker, we need to talk

The installation of a Quooker is relatively straight forward and can be carried out by a plumber or a dedicated Quooker engineer. The Quooker can be installed as part of your new kitchen or as part of a retro fit to your existing kitchen.

What ever your requirements, we can help you make an informed decision, order your Quooker and assist with the installation. This is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your kitchen tap to the ultimate kitchen appliance that does it all. I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to discuss a Quooker as part of your new kitchen. Feel free to contact me today.

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