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Pronorm - ClassicLine

Classic Line offers the astute kitchen buyer a perfect combination of high quality and high value. As with every other Pronorm kitchen range, precision manufacturing remains key. Super strong and well engineered cabinets are complemented with class leading fittings and a curated range of impressive door finishes in a compact package.

Compact cabinets - competitively priced

Classic Line differs from Pronorm's other ranges due to its increased plinth height. At 165mm the plinth height makes for a more compact cabinet, which is ideal for lower budget kitchen projects and utility rooms. The characteristic Pronorm quality is still present and you get to choose from door ranges 0-5, so you won't be short on options.

Pronorm Classic Line
Classic Line Kitchen by Pronorm

Practical and flexible

The Classic Line range is designed to offer the maximum flexibility without paying a premium. Each cabinet offers a multitude of heights and widths to ensure your kitchen fits your individual needs. The curated range of melamine and lacquered doors are ideal for mixing and matching, so that you can find the perfect look.

For people who demand more... for less

We only work with solid, reliable products that delight our clients and last for years. In the past, that would have been enough but times have changed. Modern day kitchen buyers want all the features without paying the premium price. Pronorm solves this problem with Classic Line. This is a fully featured range of kitchen cabinets that are both interchangeable and customisable. With their taller plinth height, the cabinet sizes are different to the other Pronorm ranges. This, along with the curated door options, helps to keep the quality up whilst also keeping costs down.

The problem with cheap kitchens is that they aren't built to last and they are extremely limited from a design perspective. They might look great in a brochure but the reality is something different. Pronorm's highly streamlined manufacturing process enables them to build Classic Line kitchens on the same production line as their premium ranges. Every cabinet made in the factory, be that X-Line, Pro Line or Classic Line, receives the same care and attention to detail. This means that Pronorm deliver great kitchens for any budget.

Classic Line enables us to maintain the high quality that Pronorm exemplifies, whilst giving you, the client, more 'bang for your buck'. If you've heard that all German kittens are ridiculously expensive, take a look at Classic Line. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the cost and amazed by the design.

In short... Classic Line offers amazing quality at an affordable price.

Pronorm ClassicLine in Cement Grey and Oak Sepia

Pronorm Classic Line

  •  ClassicLine Arctic White

    ClassicLine Arctic White

  •  ClassicLine Denver Oak

    ClassicLine Denver Oak

  •  ClassicLine Stone Grey

    ClassicLine Stone Grey

  •  ClassicLine Porcelain White

    ClassicLine Porcelain White

  •  ClassicLine Gloss Crystal

    ClassicLine Gloss Crystal

  •  ClassicLine Stone Grey Matt

    ClassicLine Stone Grey Matt

  •  ClassicLine Onyx Grey

    ClassicLine Onyx Grey

  •  ClassicLine Super White

    ClassicLine Super White

  •  ClassicLine Magnolia

    ClassicLine Magnolia

  •  ClassicLine Silver Brown and Nordic Wood White

    ClassicLine Silver Brown and Nordic Wood White

  •  ClassicLine Cement Grey

    ClassicLine Cement Grey

  •  ClassicLine Matt Super White

    ClassicLine Matt Super White

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