Pronorm Proline 128 Kitchens
Pronorm  Prolline Kitchen

Perfectly Handled Kitchens

Pronorm Proline Kitchen
Pronorm Proline Kitchen

Modern kitchens with effortless styling

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Beautifully Handled

Proline 128 is perfect for those wanting a modern German Kitchen with the functionality and beauty that can only be achieved with surface mounted handles. There's no end to the design options that can be incorporated. From minimalist design and hidden fittings to elaborate and extravagant, positioned for all to see. It's purely down to your design preference.

Pronorm offer a vast array of handle options to complement your Proline 128 kitchen. Each style is made of the highest quality materials, offering beautiful and practical solutions that add personality and function.

Pronorm Proline Kitchen

Pronorm Proline Kitchen

The flexible kitchen

Proline 128 is the ultimate designer kitchen, offering form and flexibility. Beautiful door finishes coupled with a wide range of cabinet sizes mean there will always be a design solution to suit your home. It's also possible to combine Proline cabinets with X-Line and Y-Line for even more versatile kitchens.

Pronorm Proline Kitchen

Modern finishes and textured fronts

The door and drawer options offered by the Proline range are amazing. There's an option for every budget, from gloss or matt melamine, to lacquered and veneered surfaces. We know there'll be something for you to fall in love with.

Pronorm Proline Kitchen

Design matters

The power of Pro Line is the flexibility it offers in design and practicality. With such a wide range of cabinet options and the facility to manufacture specific sizes, we are able to offer a genuinely bespoke kitchen, designed just for your home.

For these reasons, our uniquely collaborative design service is ideally suited to Pronorm. We take the time to discover your true aesthetic and tailor that to your lifestyle. Enabling us to create a kitchen space that is designed around you and your desires. A kitchen that invites you in and ignites your passion for living within your forever home.

128mm grid system

Cabinet measurements and proportions are an essential part of a well designed kitchen. Pronorm's 128mm grid system refers to the incremental heights of the cabinets and front panels. The doors, drawer fronts and pull outs all align with beautiful symmetry. This enables the designer to create a perfectly balanced elevation of furniture and appliances. Not only is this important from a visual perspective, it allows for a kitchen to be ergonomically tailored to suit your needs.

Download a brochure NOW!

This high quality colour document is full of amazing images to inspire your new kitchen design. You'll find a number of beautiful brochures and supplementary documents on the downloads page. Click the link below for access.

Pronorm kitchens brochure

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