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What is an In-frame kitchen?

painted in-frame kitchen in ivory

In-Frame kitchens are part of our Traditional Kitchen range. The styling is simple. The shaker style cabinet door is inset within a wooden frame that has been fixed to the front face of the kitchen cabinet. This is opposed to an “overlay” door such as a standard shaker or slab style, where the door is attached to the carcass and, when closed, covers the full opening of the kitchen cabinet.

The in-frame styling of the past offered more than cosmetic difference. During the height if its popularity in the early 1900’s, the front frame was an integral part of the cabinet structure, offering strength and stability. Modern cabinet manufacturing techniques and materials have made the front frame unnecessary from a structural point of view. In 2019 the “in-frame” is purely a design feature.

This design feature, which requires additional materials and craftsmanship, has taken the once common in-frame kitchen into the premium market.

Drawing of an in-frame cabinet
The return of a timeless classic

in-frame kitchen in cashmere

Cities have been built and industrialisation has left its mark but, at its heart, Wales is a rural country. We still have picturesque villages, wide open countryside and adorable country cottages. The interior styling that was taken for granted in centuries gone by has become a powerful influence on those who long for the traditional look from a more simple time.

Some might call it a country kitchen, others might call it a farmhouse kitchen. I would simply call it a timeless classic. And it’s been incredibly popular with my clients in recent months. Back in 2012, when I established Your Space Living, the most popular kitchen range was the oak shaker. It offered classic styling with notes of country living. It was a step towards a farmhouse kitchen without going all in. But this oak finish didn’t offer any individuality and one oak kitchen looked the same as any other. Not ideal when you want to put your own stamp on your home design. As a result, requests for painted kitchens have grown and manufacturers spotted have an opportunity.

The painted finish of the old farmhouse kitchen helped in the longevity of the door panels. It also helped to keep the kitchen looking clean. But it would be a stretch to say the painting of the kitchen added any individuality. Creams and ivory were the popular colours of choice often because that was all that was available.

The growth of paint companies Farrow and Ball and Little Greene have played their own part in this resurgence. Beautiful colours from a wide spectrum, softened with pastel hues, these paints have generated a wave of interest that is gathering pace. So much so, that some kitchen manufacturers have struggled to keep up.

four in-frame kitchens

Kitchen nightmares

The winter of 2018 was a turning point for many in-frame kitchen manufacturers. Quite frankly, many of them couldn’t keep up with demand. They were adjusting to the shift in popularity for painted kitchens and were completely thrown by the numbers. It would be an understatement to say that multiple new kitchen orders were let down by manufacturers caught with their trousers down. Huge investment was the only way out of the whole. As a result, the companies with the resources set up new paint lines to meet demand. Those unable to invest in their paint production facilities continued to loose orders. By the start of 2019, the big players in the In-Frame kitchen sector were fully up to speed and ready for continued growth.

Introducing The Belgravia

The Belgravia In-Frame kitchen

Irish based UForm is one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of in-frame kitchens. In 2018 they unveiled their new design at the prestigious KBB trade show in Birmingham. The Belgravia display was a huge hit with kitchen designers all over the country. The design potential with this kitchen was incredible. I was excited to start working on Belgravia kitchen designs with my clients.

The Belgravia frame is made from solid ash, a durable wood that is ideal for painted finishes. The five piece Belgravia door is shaker style with solid ash rails and sides and a veneered centre panel. The door is constructed using precision manufacturing techniques, making the joints almost invisible to the eye and smooth to the touch. The subtle ash grain provides a pleasant texture and holds the multiple layers of primer, paint and hardener for a truly durable finish. This is a kitchen that looks great and will stay that way for many years.

The Outstanding Belgravia cabinet from Your Space Living

When I design a Belgravia  in-frame kitchen I add a few elements that separate my kitchens from other retailers. Firstly there’s my degree level qualification in furniture design. I’ve studied the way furniture should be made and make sure no corners are cut on the cabinetry that goes behind the Belgravia door.

Each kitchen we produce is custom built specifically for your home. There are no cookie cutter design solutions. The layout will be formed around your requirements and available space. The colours will match your desires and the accompanying room decoration will complement your kitchen perfectly.

Cabinet material

I commission a top cabinet maker to build every one of my kitchen cabinets. I’ve been working with my team for many years and I’ve built a fantastic reputation for quality. The formula is simple. I use the best materials, the best components and combine them with a highly skilled manufacturing process.

Cabinet material

The cabinet material we use is 18mm Egger board. Egger is the worlds leading MFC board manufacturer. The board itself is extremely dense, meaning fewer air pockets and more integrity. This is extremely tough stuff. Egger offer multiple laminate colour and finish options, which means the design and colour combinations are almost unlimited. The surface is durable, resistant to moisture and easy to clean. The glue and dowel construction leads to a rigid cabinet that’s square and true. This helps to maintain cabinet integrity and speed up the installation process, which saves money and inconvenience down the line.

All exposed front edges are finished in a 2mm impact resistant material designed to absorb the knocks that everyday use can throw at your kitchen. The thickness of our edging exceeds the industry standard that most manufacturers seem happy to accept.

All cabinets have a fixed 18mm back panel and split tops that adds to the structure and enhance the quality of the furniture. No stone has been left unturned to ensure a Belgravia in-frame kitchen is as good on the inside as it is on the outside.

Quality components

We use industry leading BLUM mechanics on our cabinets. They will deliver a lifetime of service and, as if to prove a point, they are matched with a lifetime guarantee. That means the doors and drawers will open smoothly and close softly for years to come.

BLUM hinges

BLUM’s cabinet hardware is under constant development and, as an industry leader they are at the forefront of all that’s new. As BLUM develop, so do we and our cabinets stay bang up to date.

Handle heaven

With the Belgravia In-Frame the handle options are limitless. In fact, thanks to Blum’s new tip on technology, you can even opt for a handleless option. Personally, I’m a fan of the metal cup and simple knob option. The simple knob goes on the cabinet doors, whilst the cup is fixed to pull out drawers and integrated appliance doors.

But I never impose my preference on my clients. We explore a wide range of options. I recently had the opportunity to work with (choose a trendy range) and the finished kitchen looked spectacular.

kitchen handles

Industry leading worktops

We have teamed up with Cosentino to dress our Belgravia in-frame with the most beautiful and durable worktops. Silestone Quartz, Dekton manufactured stone and SENSA granite all combine with the Belgravia style to create a kitchen that’s both timeless and gorgeous. When it all comes together you have an in-frame kitchen that will complete your home and enhance the way you live.

A rush of colour

In-frame kitchen colours

The Belgravia is available in 24 standard colours. That is a huge choice of stunning pastels and natural colours. You’ll be able to create a fabulous room with any one or two of those combined into a scheme that suits your style. If you do want something more tailored, we have you covered. UForm offer a bespoke paint service, giving you the option to choose from any of the hundreds of colours that the RAL scheme has to offer.

The difference in design

My furniture design degree is very rare in kitchen retail. Add to that nearly two decades of professional experience and development and I confidently claim to be one of the most experienced kitchen designers in South Wales.

I work tirelessly with my clients to find the ultimate design for their needs. This isn’t a quick “in and out” sales exercise. I follow a creative process which all kitchen designers should follow before any cabinet is built. This can been weeks or months of creative collaboration with my client. We look at much more than just the colour of your cabinet doors.

We look at furniture sizes, from standard to bespoke. If you need a specific cabinet size, we will have that cabinet and its associated door made specifically for your room. The design of the kitchen will flow and its functionality will be maximised. There are no limits. We aren’t constrained  by old fashioned concepts like the “kitchen triangle”.  

This is a bespoke design service that is unique to each client and the difference is clear.

It’s time to create your in-frame kitchen

Jo Buckerfield kitchen designer

There’s never been a better time to choose an in-frame kitchen. The high quality Belgravia is a fantastic option. It offers the look you'll love, with the reassurance of high quality materials and components. If you would like to explore the design possibilities for your new kitchen, feel free to get in touch. Together we will come up with a beautiful kitchen that you’ll be proud to call you own.

  • Painted in frame kitchens

    Painted in frame kitchens

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