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Schuller kitchen installation in Newport South Wales

A while back I wrote a blog post about Mr and Mrs Cook’s planned extension to their 1950′s bungalow in Newport South Wales. They had asked me to design and install a modern Schuller kitchen in their fantastic open plan living space. This was a project to be savoured and I was very eager to get started.

Schuller kitchens all the way

This was going to be an awesome Schuller kitchen. It’s a huge space to fill and that means a large number of very tall units. Mr and Mrs Cook are lovers of 60′s chic and these modern Schuller kitchen units needed to compliment that style. The plan was to design a modern kitchen with a retro feel. The beauty of Schuller’s handleless design is that it is so understated. When you want it to, you can almost make it disappear. With other kitchen styles and manufacturers, the task of blending different design eras becomes almost impossible. The colours and materials also needed to be sympathetic with the rest of the 1950′s building.

Making this kitchen look natural was high on my list, as was the family dynamic the kitchen was catering for. Back when I first met the Cook family, the hope was for two generations to live together. Recently widowed Pat, the original owner of the bungalow, planned to share the house with her daughter Sue and her husband Adrian. Sue is wheelchair bound and Adrian is close to retirement himself. It was important to get this right.

Working together for the best result

I work with my clients at very stage. We work together and make sure the finished kitchen plan is something we can all be proud of. That’s exactly what we had with this Schuller kitchen and I couldn’t wait to turn the design into a reality.

As with so many large building projects, things had gone wrong and there were delays. Some of these problems were unforeseen, others could have been avoided. The knock on effect was a delay in the kitchen installation. As always, my team remained on alert until there was an opportunity to begin. Time passed, plans were made and we finally began the installation in April of this year. This was several weeks after the originally scheduled date.

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